Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy Weekend!

Hello Ladies

Hope you have all been keeping well.

We have generally been well, except for the usual colds.  Just getting over a bit of a bad headcold myself, which resulted in me loosing my voice.  Fortunately for the family I found it again!

We had two birthdays in February, both boys celebrating another year.  They had a good time and so did we!

I haven't managed to get a huge amount done since my last post, because I've been tired at work.

But I really want to get this cot quilt done for my customer asap, but each weekend has been tied up with birthdays or Scout Training or something or other.

My customer wants a scrappy quilt, lots of pinks and purples.  So I am bearing that in mind, but I don't want to go OTT with the pinks and purples and when I had a quick look at the blocks I've done already I can see that I will have to lighten it a bit with some paler colours, otherwise it won't be relaxing enough to look at.

Whilst sitting at work typing, my mind wanders to other business ideas and I am going to follow up on my thread business.

This isn't a sales pitch it's just thoughts out loud.  I love this thread, it's the only one I use.

Some of my quilting pals that have purchased it have come back for more and have been very happy with it.  So I am to start small and hopefully build up a nice customer base. 

The most popular colours that I am asked for our white and cream, but I love dabbling in the colours too!

Look at that cerise! It's even prettier in reality.

Anyone, after spending the day in Scout Training, tomorrow there's a kiddies party, so around that I will have to get this quilt top at least made as a top and then quilt it during the week!

Have a good weekend everyone!

x Fi

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A few WIPs and a finished cushion cover

Hello lovely people who read my blog (and thank you for doing so, I do appreciate it).

Well I think from now on you are always going to see a bit of crochet on my page, because now I am making my son, the younger one, a afghan blanket all of his own.  He loves the first one I made and is often found walking around with it wrapped around him on the weekend (mornings).  I want his one to be big enough to fit his single bed so I have a fair few grannies to make, last count I am on 36.

My colour palette is more muted colours although I do have some red, orange and yellow in it to make it jump a bit, and so far so good.  He is loving seeing it come together.

I also made a cushion, happy to say second one of the year and it was January when I finished it (the end of).  I had these hexies kicking around for over two years, I had a spare 18" cushion so I thought I would bite the bullet and get this baby made!

Instead of doing the meandering fmq that I usually do I thought I'd give straight lines ago. Got the masking tape out and got sticking.  It was an enjoyable process I have to say. 

Finally I added to my fabric stash, got some cute fabrics from a shop in the West of Ireland called The Quilt Shop Tuam (they are on FB and IG) and the other from Cindy at fluffysheepquilting.

For baby balls and baby quilts

Cotton and Steel - swoon!

That's it for the minute, guys, I am making a scrappy quilt for a little girl so watch this space!

X Fi

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hook crazy

Girls, I am in love with crochet.

I am addicted, hands up who else is addicted! Yay!

You know I finished off that afghan blanket there the other week, well I looked up some tutes on bunnymummy's blog and found the daisy granny square.  I learnt a new stitch the puff stitch.  Bunnymummy explains it very well and the photos are great so it was no problem to pick it up to be honest.

I might make the above into a cushion cover, so I will undoubtedly use one of Attic24's tutorials or something of youtube, but I am not at that stage just yet.

I also bought more wool (it's on 20% sale over here at the moment).  Son #2 loves the first afghan so I told him that as per my promise this year to make more things for the home, I would make him his very own afghan for his bed.  I have 10 grannies made.  I think this is going to be my favourite now.  I am going for "boyish" colours, but at the same time I want the blanket to be cheerful, so since this pick I have included some of my orange, red and yellows. 


I also want to finish off this cushion cover.  I made good progress at the weekend, adding the border, sorry borders as I kept cutting each border too narrow, I need the cushion top to measure 18" plus and argh I kept being stingy with the borders so that's why I have THREE!!! But it all worked out in the end, they don't look like accidents do they?  I hope not.... Quilting decision - I am going to go diagonal and end up with that square quilting look.  Crazymomquilts has a tute, which I will use.

Finally if you follow my on IG, you will have seen this but I finished my first cushion of the year.  A tumbler cushion, it's in my bedroom not to be touched by the dog or the kids (sorry :()

I really love this cushion, it measures 16" x 16".  Fabrics by Bonnie & Camille (Scrumptious).  Tumbler sizes 3".  Background fabric, cream.  Quilted - shadow quilting using cream thread and the borders are straight lines and corners are as per the picture below.  The binding is a combination of the some of the fabrics used in the main panel.

That's it for the moment girls.

Speak soon.

X Fi

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My first 2015 finish

I did it!! I finished my blanket and can call it an Afhan, thanks girls for commenting there! Appreciate it.

Drum roll! Here she is in all her glory!

I crocheted 80 grannies using about 10 different colours. I would have gone bigger except I didn't have enough of the pale grey that I was using as my background and I felt I had enough with 80 to make it worthwhile size. I don't believe I repeated any combos that I can see at first glance.

I crocheted each granny using the pattern out of my "Granny Squares" book by Susan Pinner. Then I saw on IG that a crocheter had added a round of single crochet around each granny and I really liked that effect so I did the same.  Then using a tutorial from an Australian youtuber I started joining the squares together using single crochet.  I like the raised effect.

Once I had the grannies joined together I didn't know how to go about adding edging and found Attic24 to be great (of course her work is beautiful!) and bunnymummy had a perfect tutorial for adding edging.  Now I currently have three rounds of edging, but I will probably add one more during the week but then that's it I won't go bigger. 

I am itching now to start another granny blanket, now just to choose a new granny square!

Happy Sunday all!

x Fi


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Review of the Year and going forward

First of all let me wish you all a happy and healthy 2015.  I hope you had a restful Christmas.

We didn't get up to any manic in our house, hubby was off for four days, which was lovely, it's not often that we are together for consecutive days (retail). 

Toffie got some good walks in and the boys got loads of TV, as did I.

I have been busy working on my crochet blanket, is it an afghan, is it big enough, are there rules about what's an afghan, please let me know, hate calling things by their wrong names.

Now I need a border for it.  So any advice, links to tutorials is more than welcome, please!

I am working on a quilt for a publication so that has been taking up a lot of my spare time, it's a nice straightforward quilt, pics will follow once it's published.  I just have to finish a bit of FMQ and add the binding and then we are done.  I often wish I could make or design a complicated quilt but (1) I don't have the imagination and (2) computer package. 

This year, I really really really want to make more quilts for my home and watch this space.  I have plenty of books and blogs that I follow for inspiration and tutorials so my promise to myself is that I will get some decent patchwork done this year!

Have you guys got any plans, I don't think they have to be huge and numerous.  For example, we as a family agreed to do one family activity a month, yes a month, but like I said it's not often that hubby is with us as he doesn't work Mon-Friday.  So this Saturday we are taking the boys to see the new Night in the Museum film, next month probably bowling and if we can achieve these little outings i'll be happy!

X Fi

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Back to work we go

Wow what a week!

Started a temping job on Monday, in a small Law Firm and it was great!

The routine the structure I welcome it. 

Back to early rises, commuting on the train and packed lunches. Glad to say I haven't lost my typing speeds, good thing I was keeping my hand by blogging!

Now to get organised at the weekends.

I have been pretty strict about getting sarnies / lunch boxes prepared the night before so that we can relax somewhat in the morning and eat breakie and so far so good.

Will take Toffie out later today down to the beach with the gang for a good walk and then relax.

Oh need to prep some baby balls and pack some brooches for posting!

Hope you are all keeping well?

x Fi

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hi guys!

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks.

Haven't been hugely productive patchworkwise but man is my house organised!

Made a baby ball for a little girl in Poland.

I made a huge decision and that was to dismantle my craft room.  The boys now have a room each of their own.  With the children's help I brought all my patchwork stuff downstairs and rejigged my shelving unit so that one corner of it is all my craft books and boxes of goodies and my storage room in the sitting room (under the stairs) has all my sewing paraphernalia in it too.  I'm totally happy with this decision.  The boys are over the moon as they have their own space.

I have to say doing these monumental chores (there was more - I moved a piece of furnitutre into my kitchen and it's so much cosier in there believe it or not) kept me busy because I was going through a phase of not sleeping as my body was twitching every time I was about to drop off.  Horrendous nights and I wouldn't wish insomnia on anyone.

But good news I had my Neurology appointment on Wednesday and the Professor isn't one bit worried that there is anything untoward.  He believes it is down to stress and anxiety.  Since his words I have looked at the positive and feel great.  I also started taking Vitamin B tablets and of course my tabs that the doc prescribed.

Other news, I'm starting a temping job on Monday so I'm looking forward to getting out and into a routine.

I realise that this time to set up and run my own business was an eye opener for me.  I will still continue running the business (just need a bit more time) but I am better at the moment getting up and out and getting some work done with a regular wage and let my creative side out in my spare time.  But I won't be making the mistake of taking up every spare minute sewing.

I realise now the value of spending time on yourself.  There were times up till Wednesday that I honestly thought I was losing my mind.  I've had some great supportive friends and a superb hubby and two boys and appreciate their patience but the mind as I have learnt is so so powerful that it can make your body literally start shutting down it's unbelievable.  Not one of my friends ever said to me "snap out of it" thank goodness because you can't, you just can't snap out of it. 

It's a weird feeling, your mind is empty, in the pit of your stomach there is a lonely forlorn feeling but I don't know if I'm explaining it right even with that.  The thoughts of getting through the day were awful.  So all I can say is first of all get yourself down to your GP and tell them how you feel.

If you aren't happy with their response get a second opinion particularly if you know you are not yourself.  Another thing even if you don't feel like it make sure you get out for a walk with a friend, it's the social aspect that helps you forget about yourself for a while and that's what you need to do.  Too much time on your hands to think about yourself is not ideal guys!

Any way it's a sunny day today, I'm waiting for a mate to come over and collect her kiddie (sleepover) and then I'll take Toffie and the boys out for a walk in my favourite park!

Feast your eyes on this near take-off by Toffie a week ago, a wonderful pup!