Sunday, 14 February 2010

Apple Pie

When hubby and I got married we went to a beautiful Greek island called Sifnos. To this day and a few islands later this is still my favourite island. The people and the food were both amazing. Eventhough it's my favourite island we still haven't gone back. One day...

Anyway we met and made friends with a lovely couple from Ireland. We have all these years later kept in touch and we always have a great time with them, we can chill and we chat about everything.

So the guys came over for Sunday lunch about two weeks ago.  We decided to make some greek food, i.e. meat balls, tiropitas (sorry spelling will be phonetic), and some other tasty bits and pieces. On the spur of the moment I made an apple pie, I'll add the recipe later, and I asked son #1 to decorate the top of the cake and here it is.  I think it he did well don't you?

Eventhough I say so myself it was delicious, we served the pie, of course, with vanilla icecream.  There was nothing left but that's the way we like it!

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