Monday, 15 February 2010

Feeling Poorly and the budding artist!

Firstly I would like to thank the 3 new followers I have to my blog, it is much appreciated. Thanks guys!

Well not feeling the best today at all.  Have had a very sore throat for about 4 days so went to doc's today and he put me on antibiotics as I have a "nasty" throat.  Being a kidney stone sufferer (3 times now) he told me to always be careful and to watch my sore throats when I get them. 

So thought I'd perk myself up and post on my blog. 

Was sitting at the pc yesterday waiting for our yummy roast chicken to finish up when I noticed son #2 busily working away at something on the floor.  What do you think a budding artiste?!?

Look at that nearly a straight line!  Ignore the medium that he's creating after all an an artist is an artist!

Speaking of artists...

It was son #1's birthday last weekend and I decided to make him a cake.  Now don't get a fright when you see the tiger cake,  honestly it is a tiger cake.  Just for the record it was tasty (good cookery book) and son#1 loved it which is the main thing.  I just couldn't capture the expression you know!!!??? Looks to me like a scary man going BOO!

I think I'll stick with patchwork what do you think?

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