Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mobile Phone Covers

I have listed two new mobile phone covers.  Very happy with these as I have used interfacing (like my tote).  I find the end result is that the phone case is stiffer and has a good feel to it.  Showed it to a friend of mine this afternoon she thought it was great!

I think the brown and green has a Japanese look to it, hubby said the same thing when he saw it.

You know I would love to get my hands on Japanese material.  I think it's so funky cute and ultra modern.  Hoping to order some at some stage and try it out.

As I have said before I love beads (small ones) and thought I would add some to trim off the brown and green pouch.  You know a girl I know called my own mobile phone cover a sleeping bag!  I thought that was pretty apt!

I have also added my purple and green pouch or should I say sleeping bag.  I put a velcro strap on this.  Some people like it for fear their phone will slip out but mine never has, but I like to make both styles not a prob!

Would like to hear what you guys think!


  1. love the shape of it; and talking about japanese design, I bought ages ago a designer fabric called kona bay featuring bordeaux dragonfly on beige background. modern japanese style. you might like it...:)
    great background by the way!

  2. Thanks Vivienne, really appreciate my first comment on my blog. Much appreciated.


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