Saturday, 6 March 2010

What a beautiful day!

Wow what beautiful weather we are having, a bit chilly yes, but the sun what a difference it makes!  Anything is possible when the sun is shining!

We all went up to Donabate/Newbridge Demesne.  Let the boys run and play till their cheeks were red and their noses were running!

After reading nicedaydesigns post on the crafty ireland team blog about photography I took my new mobile phone cover with me and took advantage of the bright light. Here's the article found it very useful. (  And you know what I took 3 sets of photos of my mobile phone case today in the house, on the window sill and in the park trying to be in good light and I believe that the latter was the best.  So thank you nicedaydesigns!

I just love making these mobile phone covers!  There is no end to the materials and combinations that you can use.

I know I have said this before but I DEFINITELY want to buy some of the Japanese material as I call it.  Some of it is a mix of linen and cotton and would like to try making something out of it.

Here is my new mobile phone cover I will be listing it soon on my Etsy shop.

Looking at using a different closing mechanism on them too.

Let me know what you think guys, would love to hear your feedback.

ALSO EAGERLY awaiting my labels,  will show you them when they arrive!!!

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