Sunday, 11 April 2010

New items Personalised Quilts and Fabric Covered Buttons

I am very pleased to say that I finished the personalised quilt.  My customer requested that I put the name Cillian on her quilt, so I thought I would try the fabric covered letters which you iron on.  Because the quilt is for a newborn I wanted to be sure that they do not come off so in addition to ironing them on I stitched them with invisible thread.

I did not go for the blues even though it is for a boy because I wanted something striking and bright and cheerful.  Hopefully I have achieved that effect.

I also had an opportunity to use one of my new labels that I ordered from Jennifer at

Then I wanted to try out making my own fabric covered buttons.  They are very simple to make, in fact son #1 helped me choose the fabrics and helped make them.  It was good fun choosing what fabric to choose!

Look out I'll be making more of these as soon as I get more buttons in !!

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