Thursday, 1 April 2010

OH NO!!!

You'll never guess... we got a virus on the pc despite having all the latest virus software.  I could not believe it, our pc just shut down so dear hubby had to do his usual magic and hey presto it was sorted.  The only thing is that my etsy photos are all gone!!! Guess I am going to have to back up my photos periodically just in case we get whammed again!

Patchworkwise I have just finished a few custom orders and I am currently finishing off a personalised baby quilt.   I will post some photos as soon as it is finished.  I am just waiting for a couple of fabric letters for his name.

Another thing that is frustrating me at the moment is that I have ordered a few items from UK/USA.  My UK order still has not turned up (which isn't the seller's fault - in fact she's been very helpful), then a US pattern I ordered never turned up (again seller has sent a new pattern so fingers crossed!) arrghh what is going on man!  Fingers crossed they turn up soon!

Unfortunately I have no photos to add to this post this time!!!

Have a Happy Easter and I hope to show you my finished baby quilt in the next few days!

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