Thursday, 27 May 2010

Beautiful custom order baby quilt

It took a while but I finally finished one of my baby quilts for a little girl called Alianna who lives in NY.  This is a very straightforward quilt. What I love about this quilt is chosing the colours and finally adding the baby's name!  All the fabric is 100% cotton, all of the fabric I pre washed to avoid shrinkage if it needs washing down the line, and also to avoid the colours running.  I love the Willow Wren in Red fabric by Alexander Henry in particular.  I tried to make sure that I got a wren centred on each square!

I rotary cut 49 squares in three different colours.  Then sewed alternate colours together 7 squares per row, 7 rows.  I have made sure to secure the letters which are ironed on, but just to have that bit of extra security I have machined over them with invisible thread and then quilted around them which gives the almost 3d effect, again I used invisible thread (I love this thread).

This photo is the basting period of the quilt, which is where have the three layers of the quilt, ie the top, the wadding (polyester) and the back and I have using a running stitch secured the three layers together, so that they won't move when I am machine quilting.  It would be the same if I were hand quilting.

Finally I added the binding.  I was going to bring the back fabric to the front which is a very simple method of binding that I have been shown and in fact have in a Singer patchwork book but I snipped part of it by accident so cut it all away and made my own binding.  3" strips of fabric, folded in half, ironed and then applied like regular binding.  The corners are not mitered using this method but it still finishes off the quilt quite nicely I think.

I hope the photos do it justice!

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