Thursday, 8 July 2010


As you may recall from earlier posts I have received a few orders for my personalised baby quilts.  I really enjoy making these quilts and seeing the purchaser's reaction is worth it!  I got feedback for
 my last two quilts which was very much appreciated.

"I really love the personalised Baby Patchwork Quilt. Such a novel idea for a gift which will be enjoyed and admired for a long time to come."


"We are absolutley thrilled with the personalised baby quilt that you made for us.  We shipped it to our friends in New York and received a
lovely thank you card from baby Alianna who I'm sure will have this gift
for years to come."

Happy customers, happy me! 

I also finished my quilt order for Ella May yesterday.  This quilt took me quite a while to complete, simply because of what with working full time and the children my usual moan is that I find it hard to get a good run on 
a quilt so it takes that bit longer.

Anyway from small beginnings  

AND deciding what best way to place the squares 

TO lots of machine quilting


TO the finished product!

I love it and hope its new owner will too!! 

All the best Fi!


  1. Fi, Really beautiful! lovely colour combinations.

  2. Thanks Clare, love your blog by the way. x Fi

  3. wow, lucky you with all these custom orders! Isn't it just great when your customers are delighted?! lovely jobly! by the way, I looove the new background :)

  4. Oh!! She will ADORE it!! It's so much beautiful!!!!

  5. Thanks guys, well that was the last of my custom orders, have to start advertising or getting my name out there. Hope I get some more orders!

  6. I love sewing in my spare time and what you have created are absolutely gorgeous.
    How long does it actually take you from start to finish?

  7. I love it! 'Sew' Fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  8. Thanks again. Varrla time is hard to judge simply cause I feel like I am doing it every spare minute I get!

  9. Lovely quilts all, but my favorite is the last. Wonderful!

  10. Great work Fiona. I would love to learn how to quilt.I love the colours, so vibrant. I hope you get some more custom orders.Thanks for linking to lush friday. Hope to see you there again.Andrea

  11. So very very pretty. You have such a good eye for color and graphics combinations. I just wish we had a baby coming along in the family! Maybe in a few years. Beautiful quilts!

  12. That is a really beautiful quilt, Fiona! You did an amazing job - it's just gorgeous!

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit my blog!


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