Friday, 2 July 2010

Inspirational quilts

I love looking at other crafters quilts and hope and wish that one day my quilts will be as beautiful as theirs.  The colour combinations never cease to amaze me and I wish I was the owner of each quilt I fall in love with. I would also love to be able to put colours together and create the affects that I have seen with some amazing quilts. 

So for a change instead of blabbing on about myself,  I thought I would share with you some of my favourite quilters from time to time that I have come across on Etsy. 

Firstly I love Hip to Piece Squares.  Her ideas are simply fantastic.  Check out her fabric selvage pouch 
who would have thought that from the selvages (the edge of the fabric which prevents the fabric from fraying)  normally you cut this off  and bin it that you could make a pencil case!!!  The beauty of patchwork!!  There is always a use for everything.  I remembering coming across a website where the author mentioned that she was keeping her selvages, at that point I didn't realise why but now of course it all makes sense!!! 

And now for one of my favourite quilts that she has made so far (oh yes and she does gorgeous pillows

Isn't it gorgeous!!!  When you look at it closely you can see there is a fair amount of work involved here.  Cutting all the blocks and then of course sewing them together,  basting (tacking the top layer, batting and backing of your quilt together) and finally machine quilting all three layers together. 

There is a deceptive amount of work involved in making some quilts believe it or not!  

Go check out her shop!!!


  1. I'm just back from Hip's shop, yep she definitely has style...very symetric,colourful and squarish isnt'it? Do you know, I'm so glad, cos I recommended your facebook page to a couple of friends and they're now following you! how cool is that!!

  2. That's brill Virginie!! Much appreciated. I thought for a change i would talk about something else you know? Going up to lock myself away and finish the quilt for Ella May, NEED TO FINISH IT!!!


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