Saturday, 10 July 2010

Rainy day and a challenge!


I love it because you can sit on the sofa with your kids, with a bit of needlework and watch a dvd under, of course, a cosy quilt!!!

Well Ella May's aunty collected her quilt and she absolutely loved it!!!  

I have ordered some lovely fabric from the states so I am expecting that some time this month cannot wait!!!  I don't think I will make another largish quilt until I get that fabric, however I will make a small blanky quilt in the meantime.  

Going to post a couple more pincushions.

Off now to make a spicy mince pie (lamb) from the River Cottage cookbook, yummy!

Love the rain like I said and it's good for the garden but I don't want the sun to be shy about coming back.

On a final note something that caught my eye today!

THIS on the team blog 

Going to read the whole article by Vivibijoux and maybe give it a go!  


  1. Yea, it's lashing down here too in Moate, it's been days!!! Enjoy your tea, I watch River cottage often but didn't know they had a book. Is it any good?

  2. OMG V it's BRILL!!! It's the River Cottage Family Cookbook, I love it, I keep getting out at the library, going to make the banana bread tomorrow. The pie is yum btw!!!

  3. Cute blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and for the nice comments.


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