Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cathedral Windows Quilt Update

Work in progress
Well it's Saturday and the sun was shining so I grabbed a quick moment to take a photo of my cathedral windows quilt that I making.  It is approximately 39" wide and I want to make it long enough to fit on a cot bed.  It is only two rows of cathedral window blocks but look how many windows those two rows create?  It's fantastic, I love it, it's fiddly but in a good way!  Don't mind the blank spot, I just need to add some little colored windows!

The width - the length has a long way to go!!!
In my tutorial I made the block based on a 9" square but this quilt is based on a 6" square, the "window" measures 1 1/2", having said that I have started cutting the window slightly larger because 1 1/2" was a bit too tight.  I love making this quilt and seeing the colours build.  I am sticking to the same colours i.e the hearts, the japanese red fabric and the greens, most of these fabrics are from my new stash.  I just couldn't help myself I had to cut a strip off here and there to start using them.  Despite the fact that this quilt is ideal for scrap fabrics!

Any way this is as far as I can go because I need to buy more white fabric so until then I cannot proceed.  I will post another photo when I have gone further along with it.

So what do you think?  You going to give it a go, I warn you now you need lots of background fabric, if you do give it a go show us a piccy!


  1. Your Cathedral Windows are coming along beautifully! I love the bright colors!Love the fussy cutting too.
    Thanks for commenting on my new lunch bag. I did go back and make the yoyo bigger and added a button. Much better.

  2. Thanks ladies, Yvonne as I posted your lunch bag is lovely and the yoyo and button are a lovely touch!

  3. LOVE them!!!

    Have a great holiday!

  4. This looks so gorgeous - and tricky! Looking forward to seeing it's progress! I'm a new comer to your blog,it's a lovely read this chilly morning :-)


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