Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunny Sunday Morning

What a glorious morning!  The sun is shining finally....

Good news I sold one of my mobile phone covers to a friend of mine down in Cork as a pressie for her mum-in-law!  Fantastic!   This cover is made from a combination of fabric that I purchased in the UK last summer, it was the closest Japanese style fabric they had (this was before I was introduced to Etsy!) and the red fabric I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show which I will definitely be attending again this year.  

It takes place at the RDS and the dates this year are 28-31 October 2010.  I went last year with hubby and the two sons who patiently waited for me in the coffee shop area.  It was absolutely fantastic, being able to stroll through all the stalls.  I couldn't decide what to buy and to be honest you need to set yourself a budget or you could go home broke!

I love making these mobile phone covers.  As they developed I added a pouch at the front for holding your earphones.  I use one myself.  No more fighting with my car keys to get my earphones out from the bottom of my bag.  The amount of earphones I have "broken" by pulling too hard ooops!!!  

Here is another one I made a couple of weeks ago which I haven't posted on Etsy yet.  I was thinking of shutting my shop for the last two weeks of August so that I can take better photos and build up some stock.  Just a thought really.   I tend to add a few seed beads to add a little sparkle :)  Hard to see from this photo but I have machine quilted ALL of the black fabric on this cover. 

and for a simpler version for those of us who don't use their earphones 

again the cat fabric is lightly quilted.  This cover I sold to one of my bosses whose wife 
 happens to love cats.  How cool is this fabric?  I got it straight from Japan.  It is beautiful quality and so quirky.  I noticed that it comes in red too.  Check out the leopard print fabric (100% cotton) which I used as lining!

Update on tutorial - jeepers my kids will be college by the time this tutorial is posted!  Only kidding, I have nearly done it, just tweaking it!

Another bit of news, I commented on one of my friend's blogs about a beautiful pillow she made.  I asked her how much she was selling it for and guess what!!!  She said she'll make me one for one of my cafetiere cosies!!  I realise the concept of swapping is not new, but still I cannot wait to get my pillow and send Clare her coffee cosy!

I will show you piccies when we've done our swap.

  So it made me think, if anyone ever wants to swap something like for like in value I guess, I would be up for it if you are!  

Have a great afternoon!


  1. I can't wait either! Looking forward to having hot coffee! Love all of your quilting bits. If I had lots of money I think I would buy them all!

    Clare x

  2. Such a cool idea the swap! And when you were talking about the knit and stitch show and setting yourself a budget, I sooooooo know what you mean lol, I've been going the past 2 years and plan on going this year also, I can hardly wait!

  3. Thanks for linking to lush friday Fi. I go to the knit and stitch show every year but am soooo looking forward to it this year.Had a ball last year with 2 friends and no kids.I love your phone cases,I have tried some but they look too bulky.Will have to have another attempt.

  4. Hi girls, thanks for your comments, look forward to hearing from you each week. Virginie and Andrea yep defo a place to go sans children for sure. I want to buy a new cutting mat. Saw them there last year for €15 and didn't I walk off without buying one!!!

  5. Congratulations on your sale! The covers are great and a great idea for presents. I love japanese fabrics too. We have just ordered some for the shop, and hopefully they'll be here in time for the Knitting and stitching show. See you there!

  6. Those are great covers, Fiona! SO cute, too! :)


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