Friday, 3 September 2010

ATC Challenge - some reveals

You may recall that I did an earlier post on an ATC Challenge set by Virginie from Vivibijoux last month.  

Virginie gave us our swap partners and I was very happy to be partnered with Rachel from Balanced.   

I have never done one of these ATC's before and I was understandably anxious, but I thought I would rise to the challenge and if nothing else have some fun and learn something new.  
We had to ask our swap partner what sort of things we liked, i.e. colours etc. Rach loves the colour green. A good starting point.

 I was very lucky because as you know I love beadwork and when you check out Rachel's shop she deals mostly with beads.

Panic stations were on when I still had a blank canvas in my head and the deadline was looming fast!  I looked through my fabric stash for inspiration. Since patchwork is my "thing" of course my ATC had to involve fabric.

So here is my ATC card for Rachel.  I hope she likes it as much as I like her ATC for me.  

I love cupcakes!

Close up, seed beads to pick out some detail

In addition to this we were told that we could, if we wish, send a little something from our shop, so I put in one of my mini log cabin pin cushions.  Again I hope Rachel likes it.

Mini log cabin pin cushion
I would like to thank Virginie for arranging the challenge, it was a very rewarding challenge, I actually quite enjoyed making my ATC card and I might make some more!  Also thank you Rachel for my lovely ATC card and co-ordinating earrings.  I love them!

atc swap entry
ATC card from Balanced

If you want to see what everyone else made then check out our team blog tomorrow for a full post by Virginie.


  1. Are you kidding me!? I LOVE it! The cupcake, all the green - I love it! And I love the little seed bead accents. ;)

    And I love the pincushion! It is too cute. Man, I wish I could sew. ha

    This has been so much fun. I'm so glad you like your card as well. :) Can't wait to put mine up on display!
    Thank you, Fi! :)

  2. Thank you Rach I am so glad you like! Phew!!! x

  3. Both of them are gorgeous, well done ;o)

  4. So lovely - I too love cupcakes ;) Both of yours are lovely, I saw Rachel's last night on her blog and thought - lucky Fiona. Now I'm thinking oh lucky Rachel - beautiful works of art :)

  5. The pin cushion is soooooo cute! I'm nearly jaleous of Rach lol and what fantastic package you're going to receive from her too!!

  6. Thanks girls. I have to say really enjoyed doing it and loved the reveal to see everyone's work. Great fun!

  7. Both of the cards look great. So full of detail. Well done to you both :)


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