Monday, 13 September 2010

Baby quilts

You may recall from a previous post I mentioned that I received a couple of orders for some customised baby quilts?

Above are the fabrics the girls chose for the first order.  

The pale pink (or without the cute giraffes is a Robert Kaufman print. I was a bit concerned when I received the giraffe fabric, because it is a medium weight. I didn't realise this when I purchased it but my customers are aware of it and are happy to proceed. Panic averted!

Sorry the photos are a bit dark but I took them in the evening so...

Tonight, I added a border using the Robert Kaufman fabric.  

I am using cotton wadding, which I prefer, but it soooo expensive here. 
I will quilt the three layers together probably with a zig zag stitch.  However, I want to quilt around each giraffe too!!

  Finally I will bind it with a some pink fabric I have left over from another project, it is a strong vibrant pink which will contrast nicely. The finished size will be approx 32" x 32"

I will post photos when this quilt is completed. 

In the meantime here are two photos of another quilt I started last week.  I couldn't decide which one to go with but in the end I used white squares as a contrasting colour.  I am going to have to be brave one of these days and do a quilt with NO WHITE!!!

Please tell me you prefer the white option, 'cause I have about 5 rows already sewn!  Oh dear!  I felt the "colourful" option was too fussy and I couldn't "see" the quilt. I hope I am not wrong in this.

I intend adding borders to this quilt, I want to make it cot bed size. But I want to finish my orders first, so this will have to wait for a little while.


  1. I love making baby quilts and fortunately I am being kept in good supply with new grandies to need them!
    I would definitely choose the white - my feeling is the other is too busy.....

  2. Hi Fi, they look lovely. Yes white is best! Clare xox

  3. Hi Fiona and Clare thank you for your comments!! COrrect choice made then! And you pointed out the fussy issue! Great many thanks!

  4. White is safe Fi. But you should make a sample one without white to sort of explore different possibilities, I'm sure dat'd turn out great! Also I went to the Singer shop the other day and they said that they didn't stock invisible thread because it's stiff and melts under the iron and stuff. I just wanted to give it a go. What do you think, is it that bad? ^_^ Virginie

  5. Hi Virginie, thanks for your comment. Will look at getting away from white...Invisible thread, I have the one you are referring to and I LOVE IT. But I wouldn't iron my item after I have quilted it regardless of whether it is with the invisible thread or regular quilting thread. Once it's quilted I step away from the iron! Give it ago your gonna love it! Try Hickeys in town? Unless you want me to pick one up next time in town and I'll send it up to you ? Fi

  6. hi, claire from prints to polka dots, giraffes look amazing! I bow down to your talent - amazing work.

  7. Thanks Claire. It worked out ok in the end! Thank you for your feedback!


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