Thursday, 30 September 2010

A cup of coffee and a pin cushion!

What a wonderful start to my day (off)!

I dropped the children off at school/crèche and headed off in eager anticipation up to the local An Post sorting office. I had missed a delivery of a package while I was at work earlier in the week.  I was trying to work out what it was, some fabric or something yummy from Etsy?  

Well I can tell you I was very surprised to collect a box!


 I quickly came to the (obvious) conclusion that this was no normal package!  I carefully placed my package on the passenger seat and drove home.  Sick Cuddly Greek lying in bed, I rushed upstairs to him and said "it's a box!", "well open it then" he says.

Back downstairs I had to carefully cut through the packaging. 

Aha now I know!!

A little peak
I was squealing with delight, the most beautiful pin cushion ever!  
You see I joined this pin cushion swap through flickr.  I have a swap partner somewhere overseas (who shall remain unnamed until they receive their pin cushion) and I have to send her a pin cushion made by me by 1 October.  I have it almost ready to go.  

But then I am also the recipient of someone else (unbeknown to me) and you won't know who they are until you receive your package! It turns out that my swap partner was lolablueocean and she sent me this gorgeous piece of work!   

She also added a couple of pieces of fabric! Thank you so much Krista!

So pretty
 An overview


  1. Love this pincushion, it was one of my favs! That swap was such fun, wasn't it? Definitely up for the next round!

  2. Agreed, cannot wait for the next one! Love your blog btw! Fi


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