Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hard at work

One of my friends asked if I could make her a larger version of my sailboat blankie for her friend's baby's christening.  So I sourced some cute fabrics which I got two days ago.  I had to wash the fabric and wait until it dried.  Now I am busy beavering away upstairs in my patchwork room cutting out and ironing on little sailboats!  

I cannot wait to show you all the final result!  She also wants the baby's name on the quilt, "RYAN" so I will pop upstairs now and iron them on with fusible web. 

Tomorrow I need to baste the quilt (approx 32"x32") and then quilt "waves" across it and finally bind it.  Nearly there!!!  The reason for the rush is that my deadline is this Friday,  argghh.  I am going to be really chuffed to have turned around a quilt in 3 days, this is considering the fact that I can only get to my machine at 9pm once the boys are in bed!  So you can see why it is a feat!

It's dark out so I will take photos tomorrow. 

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