Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New fabric and some baking

Hmm just the right size for my tum!
One thing son #1 loves doing is baking with mummy!  So we decided to make some choc chip brownies.  I picked up a book in Easons (an Irish bookstore) and it's called "Grandmas Best Recipes".  I love this book, the recipes are simple, traditional and straight forward.  

We made brownies and when the oven buzzed, I stuck a knife in the centre of the cake and thought I would give it another five mins and another five! We ended up with a lovely dry cake!  At any rate the family loved it regardless and it was all scoffed up!

Success then!

I also received a delivery of fabric last week from Gwen at celticfusion fabrics.  I love Gwen's range of fabrics and have found her to be really helpful and gives great advice! 

Selection of designer fabrics

I plan on using these fabrics for the quilt along that I have signed up for.  I am behind but it is a very simple block so will get on with it shortly.


  1. If you need moisture for brownies and happen to have raspberries/blackberries on hand, I HIGHLY recommend this recipe for Raspberry sauce - as it is seriously amazing. Last time I did it, I used part raspberries and part blackberries because I ran out of raspberries and it was in a word the most amazing brownie I've ever eaten.

  2. Thanks for that Emma will check it out!


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