Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Team Treasuries - A post from the EtsyIrelandTeam

Posted today on the team blog :

We've got 4 treasuries for you all this week! Way to go, guys!

First up, some spooky inspiration from Fiona of patchworkdelights...


Next, another Halloween inspired collection I did myself...


and wouldn't Little Red Riding Hood make a great costume? From Ruth ofnicedaydesigns...


Maybe I'll dress up like a leprechaun this year? If so, I'll need to follow the...Rainbow From Kimdot 

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  1. All these treasuries!!! Could you explain to me Fiona how to 'catch' the treasury like this, is it a sort of 'copy and paste' thing or 'copy screen'? Every time I want to feature a treasury I got to do paste every single item...what's the secret?!

  2. Hey, I just literally copied and pasted the "text" not the screen. Straight forward copy and paste. I once new had to do do the print screen but for the life of my cannot remember any more and now I just send my treasuries to Rach (Balanced) to "sort it out"!

    Ooooh have finished the trial jewelry case that I got from a tutorial. So will meet my deadline of beg Oct! I hope you like it, I know I'm gonna make myself one too! Not keeping the trial one as that's all it was i.e. a practice one.

  3. Ahhhh so Rach is in the 'know' lol. Great! If you're making one for yourself, it means it turned out well then! Maybe somethig to make to order in your shop in the future?!


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