Monday, 6 September 2010

A quilt along and some other chit chat

Oh man is it ever going to stop raining.  It hasn't stopped raining since yesterday, the pools of water, no streams of water along the paths and roads as I walked from the train station to my car!  I was hoping no one was going to splash me with their cars, I was fortunate that no-one did.  I splashed someone once COMPLETELY by accident, I felt really bad afterwards, but honestly I didn't see how far the water was coming out into the road, but hey that was last year, no doubt though that person sometimes mentions the mean driver who soaked her!

OK confession over!

So I opened my shop again, please check it out and let me know what you think.  I am trying in particular to get my photos right, any advice welcome!

the beginning
I made a few make up bags/pouches as you can see.  I have another which I liked so much I decided to keep for myself.

the middle
 I wanted to try something a bit bold and went all out with some cherry coloured thread!  This comes from someone who tends to use invisible thread or white.  I did a zig zag along the all the seams/joins like this.   

Almost there!

I wasn't sure at first but then once it was all finished I had to keep, jeepers not going to make sales if I keep my own stock! I thought I would use it as a pencil case, but it's now my make up bag in my hand bag!

 the end!

I will be making more...

Working on an order for one of my team mates Virginie, V if you are reading this, please bear with me!

Received a baby quilt order too so these two projects will keep me busy!
In addition to this I am going to try my first quilt along .  It is a straight forward block, but it'll be a great motivator and learning experience! Waiting for my fabrics to arrive and when they do I will show you!  I realise it is starting today, but it was a last minute decision I thought I would do it and hopefully end up with a lovely new quilt! 

I also need to run down to the Post Office to collect a package, fabric I am guessing!


  1. Still there...and definitely bearing with you Fi lol look forward to it!


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