Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quilt completed

I finished Lucy's quilt and just listed it on my etsy shopIt is approx 32" x 32". I used 100% batting for this quilt. I have only used this type of batting once before and to be honest I like the finish that you get, the feel and weight is different to the polyester batting.  
I know you can wash these quilts and then put them in the dryer but alas I do not have a dryer.  Having said that I pre-wash all my fabric anyway.  

I am now going to get on and make the jewelry role for Virginie (vivibijoux - I love her jewelry!) and try and get the boys out as the Cuddly Greek (aka hubby) is poorly with a head cold.  Not only that but son #2 had a temp last night.  Bit of fresh air should help everyone (no temps at present).

Have a good Sunday and as usual I love to hear your comments and thoughts/experiences!



  1. Nice quilt with quirky giraffes! If you are like me, once you try cotton batting you will find it hard to go back to polyester. And as it gets used and washed it will be even softer and nicer over the years! Some lucky baby is in for a treat!

  2. Lucy's quilt is lovely - I love the embellishments and the fabrics - you did a wonderful job!

    When my psoriasis (on my hands) got bad I switched to cotton batting from poly because I couldn't stand touching the poly - the cotton is WONDERFUL to work with, and feels great too! I wait for it to go on sale then I stock up, lol!

  3. Lovely quilt Fi. I can't believe I've got the same fabric as you, the background one you used on the pictures, yellow and pink kinda losanges...I can't remember who's the designer but I love it. Can't wait for the jewelry holder! smiles, Virginie

  4. Hi guys thanks for your lovely comments. Virginie, it's Heather Bailey fabric!

  5. Fi, It is beautiful. You are very talented.


  6. That's Clare, glad you like it, how are things? x


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