Monday, 20 September 2010

Quilt update

So I showed my friend her quilt to be and despite my reservations she loved it!!! She couldn't see what my problem was and told me I was too critical of my own work! Phew!  It has now become a Christmas pressie!
Just to fill you in I traced the letters of his name on to fusible web and ironed it on to my chosen fabric.   I downloaded the letters of the web.  Then I cut out the fabric letters and peeled off the paper and ironed them on to the quilt.  (Note that this was at the very beginning of the quilt i.e before I basted the quilt).  

For the sailboats I drew and cut out a template on card traced the required number of boats and sails on to more fusible web and again ironed them on to my chosen fabric, in this case little sailboats.

I basted the quilt but this time I thought I would use special safety pins but I am not happy with the outcome. I obviously did not use enough pins and as a result the quilt moved because I had a fair bit of rucking.  

If any of you have any advice re:  using safety pins I would be more than happy to hear your experience/advice. PLEASE!

At any rate I am glad my friend likes it, that really is the main thing.  I have had to put it to the side though to finish my pink giraffe quilt, deadline looming and then another order which was the jewelry roll.

How cute is this fabric?


  1. I think it is great and will definitely be well loved!

  2. Fi,

    It is looking good. Well done you. Clare x

  3. I'm so glad everything went well in the end Fi. Panic's over! The boat fabric looks great. I really like it! smiles, Virginie

  4. Thanks girls for your lovely comments!

  5. We're very critical of our own work, yet we would never be so critical of someone else's lovingly made creation! I've been known to throw out projects that aren't going as well as I would like! I know you had a timing issue this time, but sometimes it helps to put a project away for a few days and then bring it back out - when you see it with fresh eyes, you'll be surprised at what does NOT bother you the second time around!

    I think your sailboat quilt is quite lovely, actually, and I'm glad your friend loved it :) I was at a froufrou French store today (here in small town, Ontario) and saw several quilts that had the exact same puffiness (and some tiny tucks!) that quilters get - the quilt was $700. :)


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