Monday, 11 October 2010

Japanese Fabric

 I absolutely adore Japanese fabric, and I have been itching to make something for a while now.  I have used cotton fabric from Japan before, no problem, but this was a linen/cotton blend and for some reason a bit daunting!
 I made a simple mobile phone cover with the Animal's School fabric that I purchased from Japan a little while back.  I lined it with fleece interfacing and some sew in interfacing, this makes the end result less bulky than using the polyester wadding.

I might try using just the sew in interfacing and cotton wadding as opposed to fleece interfacing on my next case to see the difference. 

Wouldn't mind trying to make a pouch with the same fabric see how it comes out.

At the same time I am working on some Christmas wall hangings.  I am hand quilting around each character in the wall hanging, there are broken lines already printed on the fabric so I am just following them.

Using seed beads I am picking out certain features on the little wall hanging e.g a star or a crown. 

 Check out the chicken, how cute is he? I am undecided as to whether to bead his beak?  What do you think?

Just before binding the wall hanging, I do some free motion machine quilting on the colourful border.  Finally I will be adding a sleeve to the back of each wall hanging. 


  1. These look great - I'd leave the beak, looks lovely as it is.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lovely! I'm looking forward to buying some fabric at the stitch and knit show. Every year, it's the same thing, I can't wait! It's a treat for me. smiles, Virginie

  4. Thanks Flying Blind and Virginie for your comments. Fi

  5. Fi, I love that fabric, it must be so nice to work with!. Again you make such beautiful things. I like the Chook as it is! Much Love Clare x

  6. Thanks Argie, will leave birdie well alone! Hope you are ok?

  7. Everything is looking great. You look lik you are having fun!

  8. What gorgeous fabric - great phone cover.


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