Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Pin Cushion for the Swap

Just a quick one, not feeling great, I didn't manage to escape the flu/colds/bronchitis thing going round the house.  I succumbed to a flu/bad cold on Thursday evening and couldn't move out of bed all day Friday, felt absolutely horrendous.  Feeling better today but not 100%.  

Anyway I have to post my pin cushion off for the swap tomorrow.  I missed the deadline (Friday) but was dying in bed so there is nothing I can do about that unfortunately.  I had another pin cushion ready but I felt it wasn't good enough so instead decided on this one.  

I hope my swap partner likes it, would love to hear your opinions.

X Fi 


  1. Fi, It is lovely. I made a crochet one last night for part of my giveaway, thanks to your suggestion. Hope you are feeling better soon. Much love Clare x

  2. Thanks Clare! Looking forward to seeing your pincushion. X fi

  3. This is the cutest thing! I love it! It's good to be back blogging, smiles, Vi

  4. Thanks Virginie, missed your comments!!!!


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