Thursday, 28 October 2010

Quick Hello!

Hi All

Sorry I haven't posted anything for a week, this is because one I received a great order for quilts and I have spent the week emailing with my customer photos of fabrics that she might like.  We have agreed fabrics pretty much so I have placed orders and hopefully they will have enough stock.  Now I am waiting for fabric to arrive!

I won't really be able to do anything else till I get these quilts done, they are cot bed size, I will try and post some photos as I go along.

The other reason is that I have strained my neck and shoulders somehow.  I think I over did it with a make up pouch that I finished earlier in the week.  Again I will post a photo it's just that I leave the house when it's dark and I come home with the boys when it's dark so the only chance for photographing anything is at the weekend!

I can tell though you it's linen with quilted lightly with gold thread, red and gold sparkly squares of fabric sewn as a band in the center of both sides and oooh I cannot wait to show you!  Lined with red and gold fabric. 

Will do a blog post at the weekend when I get a min.  Looking forward to Sunday as the Knitting and Stitching Show arrived in Dublin today and I will be attending on Sunday!!! Yippeee

Oh yes and my friend Clare from greenfrog is having her baby tomorrow another yippeee!!! 


  1. I'm glad you are busy (for a good reason), but sorry to hear about your neck - hope it feels better soon. Looking forward to seeing your creations. Take care.

  2. Thank! Hubby massaged the muscles last night and neck feels a lot better so repeat that tonight when he's home!

  3. Hello Fiona,
    Just found your blog through Flickr and I looooove it. Your work is gorgeous and the detailing is absolutely stunning. I just can't stop looking at those beautiful pictures. So happy to have found you.
    groetjes, Dorien

  4. Hope the strain has gone Fi and that you were well enough for the stitch and knit show! So how did you find it?! It was really really crowded on saturday. was crazy! Great to have quilt orders, well done!!

  5. Dag Dorien, Salut Virginie

    Thanks ladies for your comments, much appreciated.

    Hmm neck is still really not right! Getting a bit concerned as don't feel 100%. Booking doc appt for next week as I am next Wednesday.



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