Saturday, 27 November 2010

Carrie's Quilt

Well you all know I have a quilt order and I thought I would show you my first finished one.  Those of you who check my blog regularly will realise it is pretty much the same as Lucy's "giraffe quilt" as my customer requested that Carrie's quilt be the same as that one.

So without further a do!!

Now that I have gotten the hang of mitred corners I have used same for Carrie's quilt, I love the finish of mitred corners and are a lot simpler than you think and as with everything the more you do it the easier they get!  For the binding I used delicate pink with white fairies printed on it.  

This quilt is for a cot bed, I will have to do a final measure but it is approx 42" x 51" but I will check it later.  I also used cotton wadding at customer's request.  I absolutely love the weight of this quilt, it has a lovely heavy feel to it! 

I will start preparing my second finished top for binding tomorrow!  

AND look what I collected from the post office on Friday after getting the wheel bearing repaired, I can hear myself think now, no more racket coming from the car!

My mug rug from my swap partner!

I'll be bringing this in to work on Monday!  The biccies were lovely and er gone already! 

X Fi


  1. That quilt is a smasher!! Clever you!

    No snow here yet, but will definitely be under the Freebird again tonight!

    Glad the car is running smooth again.

  2. The quilt is stunning, and I love the mug rugs!

  3. Thanks FB and Micki. I promise I will host a mug rug giveaway soon too btw.


  4. How do you get the edges of your quilts so perfect looking?! cute baby quilt ^_^

  5. Sweat and tears! Only kidding, practice really, like I said the more you do them the easier it comes to you.

  6. I just discovered your blog and love this quilt, its beautiful!


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