Saturday, 20 November 2010

Check out my cute hippos!

Not a hugely productive day patchworkwise...

Son #1 went to Beavers (baby Scouts), he loves it!  Then we dropped him off at a party birthday which he thoroughly enjoyed.

As soon as we got home, there was still some daylight, I rushed upstairs and hmmm really didn't get very far.

Whilst son was at the party we brought the car to the dealer garage and we have to get the ball bearings fixed in the front left wheel ASAP.  So I will book it in for Friday.  Apparently it's a very dangerous situation.

So I have added a couple of photos of my new mobile phone cover.  I have decided that I like this style of cover, black with a band of colour! It's simple and stylish.  My own cover is black with cats on it! The mobile phone cover in these photos is for a friend of mine, she ordered the hippos!



  1. Look at you posting mobile phone covers, I think if I'd had a waterproof one, I wouldn't be in the predicament I am in now!!

    Sad to hear Mom's Taxi service is in need of repair tho!

  2. Hey FB, yeah read about the phone going down was it the WC? Hmm... not good I take it? Mentioned it to the cuddly one who sells mobs and the reply begun with an f and ended in an k (the Irish version of this word has an "e" in the middle so not as harsh) followed by "oh that's bad.."

    What was the mob outcome, hey FB once you've moved you know where to find a cover for your "new" phone!!! Fi

  3. Love the hippos! So cute!

  4. Thanks Micki, I hope you came across your horse on your walk? Fiona

  5. I love those Hippos! How cool are they? Great idea for a mobile cover, very striking.

  6. The hippos definitely look great! I was going to ask you something Fi, I know you're busy at the minute, but how would you like to do a pincushion swap with me? I could send it off to you with your order? I'd understand if it's too much at the minute because of making stock for the etsy shop. Just an idea! By the way, congrats on your treasury ;)


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