Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A few completed projects

Flying Angel

Whilst waiting for my fabric to arrive I managed to finish another couple of Christmas wall hangings which I have now listed here.

Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus

The Three Kings
I have three more to list (two of which are still work in progress).

I also finished my linen bag and boxed off the bottom of it.

I used gold thread to lightly quilt the exterior of the pouch/bag, and used the red and gold fabric to line it.  Managed to line up my label and machine stitched it in.  I love red and gold.  Each of the red, gold etc squares in the measure 1.5" (including seam allowance) and once sewn together end up being 1" square, I love miniature squares like this.

It is the first time I used linen.  I really like the look and feel of the linen and plan on using it in a scrappy mug swap challenge that I entered recently.  Glutton for deadlines eh!  I read on another blog about how to sew with linen so I will be taking that on board for the mug rug.  A mug rug is what it says, basically a little rug for your mug, a fabric coaster, love 'em.




  1. You have been really busy. Lovely items you've created!

  2. Thanks Flying Blind and Clara for your sweet comments!

  3. I loooove your wall hangings; they are really cute and beautiful made.

  4. Oh great! a new swap, is it through flicker? lovely linen, I actually got some myself but it's more greay. Is there a specific way to sew it? love the pouch ^_^

  5. Virginie I have replied to your question on your blog.


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