Saturday, 13 November 2010

I dropped in on Vivibijoux's blog and was really pleased to read her post.  She was blogging about crafters buying off each other which is what we coincidentally did.  

I have always been a fan of Vivibijoux's lampwork jewelry and always promised myself that I would treat myself to one of her pieces of work.  Well I had my eye on a pair of earrings she made for someone else only I wanted them longer, so I requested same from her. 

I am resisting purchasing them however until closer to Christmas as I know that I will not be able to keep them in their gorgeous gift box until Christmas Day.  So to keep them out of temptation I am leaving them with  her (TEMPORARILY!).

And it was Virginie who requested a jewelry roll in her favourite cup cake fabric and she has informed me that she loves her jewelry roll, so two happy customers/crafters!
RESERVED FOR VIVIBIJOUX - Beaded Cupcake Travel Jewelry Roll - Irish Seller

Why not drop in to Virginie's blog and read the full article.

Have a good Saturday everyone!



  1. I love the jewelry colorful and pretty!

  2. Thanks Micki, I do enjoy making them. The best part is choosing the colours and embellishing it with the beads. Hope you came across your horse?

  3. Thanks Fiona, I just updated the post with photos I had taken of the roll when I first received it. Meant to write a post about it for ages, so here they are...^_^


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