Friday, 5 November 2010

Mug Rug Challenge

I mentioned that I entered a scrappy mug rug swap didn't I?  

Well while I am waiting for my fabric to arrive, one part has, still waiting for 3 more pieces, I was doodling in my book.  

I looked what other people had created in the past challenge on Flickr and my goodness there are some STUNNING mug rugs.  When I found out they existed I fell in love with them straight away. I think they are lovely as token gifts for Christmas or really any time of the year!

So this is what I came up with for my swap partner, and I really hope she likes it.  She wanted a holiday themed mug rug. 
Last night while the boys were trying to fall asleep I started cutting my linen fabric (washed and ironed).  I knew my school compass would come in handy... I drew three different sized circles on freezer paper.  Then cut out on fabric three circles to correspond with each paper circle with a seam allowance (roughly 1/4" measured visually, don't be too stingy with this but don't be too generous either you don't want fabric bunching up you'll see what I mean later).  

I then did a running stitch near the edge of each fabric circle.  I placed my corresponding circle of freezer paper in the centre of the fabric and pulled the thread and the fabric wrapped itself around the paper.  
I found this part a bit fidgety to make sure my circle was accurate, but got there in the end.  This however shouldn't put any one off, it was just me. 

These were my "baubles".  I pinned them into place on my linen "rug" and did a blind stitch, once the bauble was well secured, I carefully pulled out the freezer paper.  I finished off my blind stitch.  I did the same for the remaining two baubles. 

Then my artistic designer (aka hubby) suggested the gold ric rac, I was going to quilt some gold stitches at first but I love my hubby's suggestion!  

I quilted around each bauble with red metallic embroidery thread and finally embroidered green metallic stars. 

I will try and finish it off tonight when the kids are in bed, not much more to do, just baste and bind. 

Might do a tiny bit more quilting around the edge, don't know yet, might well leave it alone. What do you think guys?

A bit of extra quilting or leave it alone? (will post completed photo over the weekend).  

Work in Progress (light ironing to follow!)


  1. What a great idea. Might do as a Christmas card too if you make it a little smaller.
    groetjes, Dorien

  2. I love what you is so cute!

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments. I agree Dorien I love the idea of fabric cards just no time at the moment. Fiona


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