Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Some finished projects

For the order
It is a beautiful day here today, the hurricane didn't really come to much, at least not where we live, I mean yes it was wet and windy but nothing major.

I have had a busy morning working on the order (see photo above), so I decided to take a quick break and post about some items I have finished this week.  

Here they are:

A jewelry roll... (custom order/sold)

 A mug rug!!!  (Check it out Flying Blind - show me yours when you have it done)

Coffee, tea anyone?
And finally another Nativity Scene Wall Hanging

It's not that clear on these photos but I have metallic red embroidery thread!! Love glitter.

So hmm I was thinking any one interested if I make a mug rug for my first ever blog giveaway?

Christmas one or plain??

Let me know....


  1. Stop showing me up - I haven't sewn anything for a week, not a mugging rug in sight!! I am over-run with birthdays, and houses, that's my excuse!

  2. Fiona, these are all just gorgeous, I LOVE your finish... if you are having a giveaway, please count me in, I'd love a mug rug!!! beautiful work!

  3. A Christmas mug rug would be quite timely I'd say.
    I love the Nativity Wall hanging.

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I love the jewelry roll, so clever! And your mugrug is really cute. Love the binding you made for it.
    groetjes, Dorien

  5. Thanks guys for you lovely comments ok so I will get to work on a Xmas mug rug!!!


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