Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Finally had time to pop on to my blog and post a couple of photos.

My quilt customer has told me it's ok to hold off on two of the quilts till after Christmas which is great news.  So I will start quilting the two that are ready and then I can pass them on to her in addition to the two I gave her last week or so.

I got my beautiful earrings from vivibijoux.  I LOVE THEM, they catch the light, they feel lovely in my ears (strange but ah you know what I mean).  But I won't be wearing them again until Christmas Day!

I got a custom order for one of my baby balls, using Irish colours i.e. white, green and orange.  

Oh FlyingBlind if you are checking in er heating is fine, car is fixed, but tonight on way to creche the window on the passenger side went down but didn't want to go back up... ok so what was I going to buy... a new car window??


  1. Oh man, two steps forward one step back - get patching that window before the car fills with snow!!

    Loving those earrings - you're going to look fabulous on Christmas day!

    And the ball is simply great!

  2. Thanks for your comments, guess what, the following night I got in my car to go home from work and I rolled down the window to clear moisture so I could see through and the window wouldn't come back up!!

  3. This morning I turned on the engine to de-ice the car - as I had jumped out last night in torrential rain, the whole lot had frozen so hard that the wipers got totally mangled trying to break free, so I had to go to the garage to get them bent back! But the day got infinitely better!

  4. Seriously?! Oh man that is annoying going to check your blog to see how your day got better!

  5. Delighted you like your boucles d'oreilles. And it's great to hear that the pressure is off a little! Hope you can rest and have a great time during the holidays ^_^ V.


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