Sunday, 26 December 2010

I hope you are all having a nice Christmas!

What a hectic few weeks.  The kids are playing so I took this opportunity to show you my last two quilts for Christmas!

 One of my favourite things is seeing quilts all stacked up one on top of the other!  

I was thinking of shutting my shop for a few weeks to concentrate on finishing two more baby cot bed quilts and then creating new stock for the shop. 

Better go, getting ready to eat some Greek custard pie that a friend dropped over and have it with a cuppa and play a game of picturika (spg) with the kids and hubby!


  1. These are really gorgeous, I want to wrap myself up in one! what fabric did you use in the Keeley one? It looks fab.

  2. Hi Sarah thanks for your comments, it is Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry fabric! Love the fussiness of the greens! Fi

  3. I hope your Christmas was fine too...all the best in the New Year!


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