Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let it Snow!

I was hoping to post a photo of the snow that we are having at the mo but having a slight problem doing so.

Left work early today to avoid the nightmare that I went through yesterday with thousands of other commuters to get home.  I cannot really complain though at least the trains were running!

Finished a second quilt, I love this one, look at the silver glitter and Ella May's little ballerina!

Keep safe and warm all!


  1. That is gorgeous, beautifully made and finished... it is the weather for quilts... and tea and hot chocolate! keep warm X

  2. Cute quilt! You are so spoilt having trains! I was stuck at home with the kiddies!

  3. Thanks girls!

    Yeah I left home early to get ahead of the pandemomium of the afternoon.

    Coming down with something too, sore throat, sorry aching nasty throat.. how's that gonna look, snow and a sick day? not the best timing!

  4. Gorgeous work, the ballerina is stunningly appliqued, lovely jobely ^_^

  5. Thanks girls for your lovely, encouraging comments.

    Day off today, sort the kiddies out and then back to work I mean patchwork!

    Snow gone, heating delicate, now more surprises please!


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