Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Not enough time...

Panic is slowly setting in.  Too much to do in very little time.  Seeing as I don't get in until 6.30 and only when the boys are in bed can I get to my patchwork room and by then I can be very tired!  

Finished quilt top #3, I LOVE IT, even though I say so myself, it's white with green fabrics, haven't taken a photo yet.  Will continue with quilt top #4 tonight.  

Came home no heating, and heard on the radio that we will be cut off from 7pm tonight till 7am tomorrow, conserve water, don't get that with the tons of snow starting to melt outside but hey ho!  Hubby will fix heating when he gets in later, sitting in our fleeces and hats!  Brrrrr


  1. Hope you can stay warm and can't wait to see your finished quilts!

  2. Please don't panic! We all know the feeling you describe, but maybe you just have to sit (wrapped in a quilt?) and wait and rest. After that, when it is all warm again, you have some new spirit to go on, and you'll work much easier. This is not pushing, but I want to see your finished quilts!
    Take care, Dorien

  3. That is not sounding good - hope super-hubby did the biz with the heating!

    Where has your rant gone? I meant to leave a comment earlier, and now you must have calmed down!

    Stay warm; look forward to seeing the quilt x

  4. Sorry you're under pressure Fi, Hope the earrings will cheer you up a little ( I've got the track and trace number of the package just in case-it's registered post) Smile, V.

  5. I look forward to seeing your quilts! Time is flying by quickly.

  6. Thanks guys for all your comments! Heating resolved!


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