Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Anny's Quilt and a budding artist husband!

Anny's Quilt
Another productive day quilt wise!  I finished my second last cot bed baby quilt.  For Anny's quilt I used a combination of David Walker's Hopscotch on white, All My Heart Spring by Robert Kaufman and white cotton. 

I used 100% cotton wadding and backed the quilt with more white cotton.  Finally I used Little Blessing for Robert Kaufman to bind the quilt.  I am really getting the hang of the mitred corners now!  I found it easier to pin on the binding in sections, sew that section, and then do the next section and so on because I found that the binding tended to gather or bunch up a bit as I was sewing, so I found this method easier at least the tension was right and my corners worked wonderfully.

I think I might have a budding artist husband too! Look what he made yesterday! All with plasticine, he's very good!  A few years back he made a burger with salad and tomato and fries on the side!
Miniature fruit bowl!
I have just one more quilt to finish for next week and a few projects to start and finish afterwards.  Schools are back on Monday so my hols will be over and I too will be heading back to work and the commuting that goes with it!

Baby Ball with rattle 
Have a good week!


  1. The baby quilt is just so pretty!

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  3. Lovely quilts as always Fiona :) Just catching up on my blogging as we've had an hectic end of year and I'm just back on the computer having reopened the boutique only last week end. All the best on your reopening soon. Smile, V

  4. Thanks Virginie, great to see you back in circulation!! Fi


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