Friday, 14 January 2011

Another Give Away

Make Up Brush Roll by FairyFace Designs
Well, I finished my first week back at work and wow did it fly by, I was so busy!!

I have put my Etsy shop on holiday mode as I want to take a few days to rest and regenerate my creative juices in the meantime I have been checking out Facebook and other blogs. 

My friend Sarah at FairyFace Designs is hosting a giveaway via Facebook.  You can receive a beautiful Make Up Brush Roll made by the lovely Sarah herself! If you don't use make up brushes but are or know an avid crotcher then it is also useful for holding crochet hooks! 

I have to say it looks lovely and very well made, so go over now an enter the giveaway.  

Rules are simple:
Leave a comment
Become a follower/or a fan

Best of luck!

x Fi 


  1. holy moly i have you on my side bar but not my blog list - oh my goodness I have been missing so much! Rectifying that right now!

  2. tee hee carrie!

    You're welcome Sarah!


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