Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day Off so I thought I'd post

Well DS2 is off creche with a high temp, although the calpol is working its magic, he has however one nasty nasty cough.  When I was getting ready to drop DS1 off at creche for school I asked DS2 "do you feel sick?"... response "no mummy", ok shall we go to creche then?", "no mummy I feel sick!"  Hmmm he's too clever and he's not even 3!

Well over Christmas I made homemade pizza, finished a couple of quilts and last night started on my first mug rug attempt for the mug rug challenge which I have entered once again.  

Home made pizza
I was very nervous making the pizza base, but now as an expert (after one attempt!) I will definitely be making more, they taste amazing, really, and you can of course put your own topping and everything is fresh.  Let me know, leave a comment, if you want me to write up the pizza base recipe.  It's a lot easier that I imagined.

As for the mug rug challenge, here is my first attempt...

Attempt no. 1
Now I cannot divulge any info about my swap partner in case I let the cat out of the bag and then it's no fun but I can safely say that everything she asked for is NOT in this mug rug but I just felt I had to make use of this little guy!!!  

So I may put him up for my own blog giveaway, what do you reckon?!? 

The fabric with the little gnome is by Heather Ross - "Gnomes on Blue".  I am a big fan of Heather Ross, her fabric is adorable, but also quite expensive so I can only buy small amounts and I don't want to cut into the few pieces I have, it's too cute!!  

The navy blue polka dot fabric is 100% cotton direct from Japan.  Love Japanese fabric, I would love to go to Japan and come back with loads of fabric!

This is my second attempt...

Option 2
Not sure what colour to use to finish it off, all suggestions welcome!




  1. Hope you have a nice day at home even if the little man is sick! Love those gnomes they're very cute. I wish fabric wasn't so expensive, I dream of going to new York and coming home with a suitcase of.... fabric!!! Your pizza looks yummy. Did you do in the food processor? I used to do homemade ones all the time and must do some again!

  2. How very clever the patchwork cup of tea, never seen that before and perfect for a mugrug, Having said that I have a soft spot for the gnome rug.As a matter of fact I've got the garden gnome on pink! only FQ know what they say, champagne taste,beer

  3. Hmmm, homemade pizza! I could eat that over and over again. I like both your blocks, but the one with the teacup is the best.

  4. Thanks guys for all your comments. Will go with the tea cup for the challenge and finish off my little gnome friend for a giveaway! X fi

  5. Love the gnomes and the cup - very cute!


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