Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beaded Fabric Buttons

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted for a little while, I had to take a breather as I felt a little overwhelmed, what with working, two young boys, life etc, it all got a bit too much and I needed to step back a little.

Having taken up my hobby of patchwork again over a year ago and opening a little shop on Etsy I never thought I would be trying the things I am doing right now!

One thing I never thought I would make or even knew existed are fabric covered buttons!  

I bought the kit and started making them.  Last week I managed to add my favourite....seed beads...any excuse to add a little bead...

I also managed to sneak some on to a button I made for one of my pin cushions!

Love 'em

Speak soon!



  1. Oh, I love that little chick!! Fabric buttons are so cute, but so finiky to make, yours just look lovely!

  2. Oh, these are really gorgeous! Love the litle seed beads, they add so much to the buttons!

  3. Thanks girls, I love 'em, keep looking at them! Hmm now if only I knitted then I could add them to something...but alas I don't!

  4. What fun! :o) Love the little hedgehog....those guys are so popular these days!

  5. cute little forrest friends ^_^ It's a good thing that you can take a bit of time out Fiona, it's hard balance it all. You're doing brillantly. smile, Virginie

  6. Very whimsical designs...I love what you did!

  7. Thanks Micki, they are cute aren't they?!? Fi

  8. I love the buttons they'd be lovely on kiddies clothes


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