Sunday, 27 February 2011

Coffee anyone

There is no end to how many different types of mug rugs you can make.  I have seen round ones, rectangular and square, the sky's the limit!

Despite it being a birthday weekend (son #2 was 3) it was a subdued affair as I received a call from creche 10 mins after I got to work telling me he had 38.8 temp, wanted to sleep and didn't look well...dh left work to collect him and brought him to doc's and it turns out he was suffering from an acute ear infection, poor little fella. 

We have elections taking place here in Ireland so whilst watching the live results I made these....

Combination of linen and R Kaufman's Metro Cafe
You might notice that the binding is quite thin on these compared to my other mug rugs, this is because instead of sewing at a 1/4" I probably went to just over 1/8" I just sewed in enough to hold the fabric but not to eat in too much on to the rug.  I like the look of the thinner binding to be honest (on the mug rug that is not on a quilt).

I hope to make more of these as they are very satisfying, it's a mini quilt in one go! 

I have placed an order for beautiful fabric from the States but need to wait till funds allow so hopefully I can order them next week!  

Any how hope you all have a great week!

x Fi 


  1. Uh-oh, hope little one is on the mend and managed to force down a slice of cake in the end x

    Love the look of those mug-rugs - the binding really suits the scale of them - a very good call.

  2. Thanks Mrs FB, yep he's on antib looking better than he was, thanks for feedback re: binding! F

  3. Oh Fi, can't believe it, what is it with ear infections at the mo, E just got over a double ear infection but fluid hasn't cleared so she's been referred for further tests. Hope your little man was ok for the birthday celebrations! Love the mug rugs, I must try them soon :-)

  4. Poor little baby :( I hate when baby is sick you feel so helpless...Hope he gets better soon. These mug rugs really suit your style, they're gorgeous. thanks for you help with the currency question. I've just finished visiting over 200 blogs (and leaving same amount of comments) over the past 3 days for the bead soup party so now I think I'm going to put the laptop down and have a break lol all the best ^_^ Virginie

  5. I like the thin binding. It brings out the polkadots this way.
    All the best to your son, an ear infection is such a nasty thing.


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