Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Busy Day

Day 3 of our hols...

We had big plans to go up North but our little fella has had a temp on and off so we didn't budge, just as well as his temp spiked again, Doc cannot find anything that causes it.

I have wanted to make these jumbo paperclips for a while now and I received my supplies earlier this week, we picked up the glue yesterday and made 6 paperclips. 

I also made another mug rug.
You lookin' at me!?!
The rest of the evening was spent clearing the kids bedroom and collecting 3 black sacks of small clothes, toys and books for Autism Ireland, they have a charity shop in our village.

Tomorrow opening the tins of paint that we got today, 1/2 price!!!


  1. Oh how fantastic are those clips!!

    Hope little one gets better soon - I've been dragging a cold, sore throat, aches and pains round for over a week, so if he wants to chuck his temperature my way too I doubt I'd notice!

    Have fun with the painting!

  2. Oh Fi, I love those paper clips, they are just fab! The mug rug is gorgeous too. Hope your little man is better soon, its awful when you don't know what the prob is.

  3. extra cuddles to your little solider
    love the owl paper clips - too cool, pretty i don't work in an office....

  4. thanks girls for your comments, brought him to doc, nothing causing it per se, it's viral!

  5. Love the paperclips and the mug rug! Are they self-cover buttons at the top of the clip?

  6. Hi Wendy yes they are, I bought the kit and took it from there, I also have some magnets with the same size (60) button!

  7. Love love love the bookmarks!Will keep and eye in your shop xx

  8. Love those paperclips and the mug rugs. Hope your little one is feeling better - a lot of people are feeling sicky at the moment, not nice!

  9. Thanks Purls, seems to be just a head cold.


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