Monday, 7 March 2011

DIY, a snake and a pincushion

Wow it's beautiful weather in Dublin today, let's hope it last the week as we are both off on hols this week.

Look what the post man delivered today...

from pinkplease
Thank you soo much Val ( it's lovely!!! Check out her blog it's really lovely! Cannot wait start using it!

After a productive morning of painting the front door and side door hubby took some time to make a snake, look at this isn't it great?!

don't bite!
The snake is drying at the moment and it will turn into clay like substance ready for painting.

Hope you are having a lovely sunny day like us wherever you are!


  1. I daren't ask WHY your husband is making a snake!!

  2. tee hee, you know he's very good at making miniature "things", he can make jeez anything!!!


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