Sunday, 6 March 2011

Scrappy Pincushion Swap

Pin cushion swap
I made my pincushion for the Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap.  I cannot say where it is making it's way to at the moment, but I love making these pincushions.  In particular I love deciding which seed beads to use!  

Blue beads
I am in love with linen at the moment, pretty much everything I am working on at the moment has some linen in it!

While I was in pincushion mode I made another owl pincushion...
Pink Owls 
(Amy Schlimer's on a whim owl 2)

I have had these seed beads for a while but I never realized that they were quite special, look at the stripes and colours!

Stunning colours.

 I am off for a week now so between DIYing, baking and chilling I will try and make some new items.

Have a good week everyone!

X Fi


  1. Please please tell me I am your swap partner? Pretty please? They're so gorgeous! I love the owls..and the beading...and the linen, in fact, everything!

  2. So very, very pretty! Coming back to explore more of the blog.


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