Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ok so here goes I am defo joining a quilt along

I am going to join this quilt along by comfortstitching, I need to get moving with doing other shapes than just squares, I have to break through that wall!!

Any one else going to try it?


  1. Ooh this looks like a lot of fun! I was going to suggest the Bottled Rainbows QAL after reading your other post, but this is kind of similar. Now I want to do it, and I so don't have the time!

  2. Ah thanks Sarah will check out your suggestion, do you have a link? Lazy me. Fi

  3. I am doing the scrappy in my own sweet way - Aneela gave me that virtual boot up the bum - my squares are a lot smaller (6') as none of my scraps were any bigger than that!

    I also considered the Bottled Rainbows, and even bought a big white sheet to use for the backing! Fickle me!


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