Friday, 29 April 2011

A swap a cupcake for a mug rug

Before I go on I would just like to say how beautiful Kate looked today at her wedding!  They looked so happy!

Ok so a little while ago Bee from Beelicious Crafts posted some new photos of her cupcakes on Facebook.  I thought they were so cute and in a nutshell we agreed to do a swap.  One of Bee's cupcakes for one of my mug rugs.

Well my little crocheted cupcake arrived safe and sound this week and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

It is hand crocheted and the attention to detail (there are sprinkles!) is simply amazing.  

The cupcake is so scrumptious son#2 was tempted to take a bite!

Bee told me that she really like the pink heart mug rug (which I had already sold), so I made another one just for her.  

I am pleased to say that Bee received her mug rug yesterday and she LOVED IT!! 

I have to say I am really happy we did this swap I think it worked out really well!

So from now on don't be surprised to see my cupcake featured in my mug rug photos!!!

x Fi 


  1. What a great swap!! Love both the cupcake and the mug rug.

  2. I adore my mug rug! Thanks so much, this swap was brilliant!!


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