Wednesday, 4 May 2011

2nd WIP Wednesday!

Hello again, wow the week has flown since the last WIP Wednesday!!

Well not a productive day patchworkwise today but I did complete these this week:

and this 

They are the same block the wonky star block but one is hand embroidered and the other has FMQ with invisible thread. 

I made for a friend another owl drawstring bag - one of these

To do in order to complete orders for friends:

1. Cafetiere cosy
2. mobile phone covers x 2
3. baby quilt
4. separately make stock for a Farmers Market I am attending on 28 May 2011.

My good intentions (oohh so many) are:

1. Make son#2 a quilt - he wonders who these other "babies" are that get a quilt and not him, Sarah he completely understands how your daughter feels!
2. Make a modern style quilt.
3. Make a cathedral windows cushion from the tutorial on Moda Bakeshop.
4. Sort out my patchwork room - which in fact with the assistance of my dh will be happening this evening, we bought a new vacuum cleaner so we are going to practice using it in my patchwork room, through up some shelving and my new pin board, YIPEEE!

Have a good Wednesday all!



  1. My goodness your sure have been busy in the creativity department! The wonky stars are just fabulous and I love all your "to do" projects' list!

  2. ha ha, that's so funny Fi! Looks like we'll be around at my mum's at the weekend so hopefully we'll organise a meet up! And I love those mug rugs, they're just beautiful!

  3. love the wonky stars! when you get the hang of the vacuum,maybe you could do a tutorial,I dislike sweeping ever since I sucked up a pin and it clogged up the hose part..maybe how "not" to use the vacuum?

  4. I'm a wonky star fan myself. Love the contrast between two different types of quilting. You've got a lot of on your plate, too. Best of luck at getting through it soon!

  5. Absolutely love your stars! FUN!

  6. Love your quilting. That Wonky star is one I have on my wish list.

  7. You stars are great! The different quilting is fun to see.


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