Friday, 13 May 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Ok so I just came across this event through my mate Sarah (Fairyface Design).

So to enter I need to tell you about a quilt that I have made. 

I have to say I am very proud of this quilt that I made last year. 

When I used to visit my mum's house I always admired her laptop quilts and she had a particular quilt that looked similar to the one above.  What I loved about it was how the squares were on point and I could really figure out how it was done.  How do you get those squares to point upwards.  Then when I was browsing through a quilt book later I realised oh how simple, you just turn the block upwards on it's point so to speak.  Mystery solved!  Simple isn't but not when you are new to patchwork! 

I decided that one day I would make that quilt or something similar. 

One day I got a request from a mum to make her a baby quilt for her sister.

Coincidentally I was preparing my fabric for this quilt. 

Loads of little squares sewing them together.
One of the best parts of this quilt was chosing which fabrics to put together.  Also what I enjoyed was that you didn't have to buy new fabric, it really is a scrappy quilt, from recollection the squares were about oh 2.5".

When I showed the lady what my plan was she said "right I'll have that one thanks" er ok then...., cool a quilt, and a big one (for me that is)

Work in progress

Once I had cut all my coloured squares and started sewing them together I couldn't resist but start laying them out on my floor to see what it was going to look like.  At this point I need to add that I am not very patient, I just wanted to see it, whoohoo!

So what way to lay out the colours this way or that way, I read online that a good tip is to lay out certain options and photograph them to see what works best.

Once my quilt top was built and sewn together it was time to add the wadding and backing.  Basting is really back breaking isn't it?  But hey it's one step closer to saying your quilt completed!

As this was one of my early quilts and to be honest I really only make quilts to order at the moment, although I have a plan to make ooh a nah I'll save it for another time, but now getting back on track, QUILTING the QUILT!!

I didn't tackle FMQ, it looks gorgeous, but seemed very daunting to me, so I opted for straight lines.  I used masking tape as a guide and my beloved walking foot. 

My deadline was looming to finish off this quilt. 

I thoroughly loved seeing the quilting lines build and take over the quilt, but when I reached the bottom of the quilt I faced a conundrum.  There was a only a bit of space left.  The question was to quilt another line here?  I felt that the gap between the last quilt line and the edge of the quilt was too wide, so I decided to quilt it, in hindsight I would have left it.  It looks like I just squeezed it in, but too late!

extra line, where's my rubber!
To me it sticks out like a sore thumb but what could I do?!

To my relief the lady in question totally loved her quilt, well that's the main thing isn't it?

I have a lovely old patchwork book containing photos of old quilts dating back to the 1800s.  One thing that always stuck in my head after reading this book was that in the old days some quilters deliberately made a mistake because only ONE person could make perfection so they would deliberately mak a "mistake" in their quilt which I thought was an amazing thing to do! 

So no-one's perfect you see, we are human and make mistakes.

I am linking my post up to Amys Bloggers Quilt Festival, where you will find a stunning array of quilts made by all levels of quilters, so go and mosy over and take a look! 

Have a good weekend!

X Fi


  1. Wow, Fi, this quilt is just gorgeous! Love the colours and it being on point just makes such a difference. And love the story of it, can't believe you just jumped in like that, although I think that's the best way sometimes, otherwise you'd never do anything :-)

  2. Oh, it's beautiful! Love the colors and the quilting - great job!

  3. Thanks Sarah, well my hand was forced so to speak I HAD to do it and there was no dilly dallying!

  4. Really beautiful, bright and cheery, too.

  5. I love your quilt. As I am new to quilting and plan to learn how to piece half square triangles for my next quilt, yours is of extra interest to me!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love the quilt. The colors are so bright.

  7. You should definitely be proud of this quilt. It is so preciuos.

  8. a lovely bright quilt - as for the 'mistake', I work on the across-the-room principle - can you see the mistake across the room? No? Then it's great!

  9. Like your quilt so well and nice to hear the process! Don't think the " mistake" is a problem at all and of course the recipient loves the quilt so that's the important part. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  10. Very fun quilt - I like it!

  11. I think you were right to quilt that last line. It looks GREAT and I enjoyed your story. Good job!

  12. Your quilt is perfect! Thanks for telling us about the process of making it.

  13. You are the only quilter I know in Ireland...Only a beginner here but do love the modern quilting too. Keep up the great work!

  14. This is a wonderful quilt. It is so fresh and colourful. What a great idea for a baby quilt!

  15. It's a beautiful quilt and I love the story of how it came together (and I'm completly impatient myself so I get it - lol).

  16. What a beautiful quilt! I love all the fussy cutting.

  17. What a bright and cheerful quilt! Of course the lady loved it. :D
    I think that's interesting about making a mistake on purpose. Now when I make a mistake, I'm totally going to say I did it on purpose so that it is a unique work of art. ;)

  18. Beautiful quilt. You should be proud!


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