Tuesday, 24 May 2011


How crazy have the last 24 hours been! There is still time to enter my SMS giveaway here (if you are entering you must leave your comment in the original post pretty please) for the main list of giveaways pop over to SWS blog

Every one having fun?

I know I am!

Ok so because we reached 200 followers as promised the extra surprise prize is...drum roll

 one of my drawstring bags!

The winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday 26th May 2011!!!


  1. this is so cute!
    congrats for getting so many followers :)

  2. Very cute; you best run up another one as Twin 2 will scream her head off when I only win one!!! 200, that's a lot!! x

  3. I love the fabric you chose for this!

  4. Congrats!, cute bag.

  5. Woah, that's brilliant, Fi!!!!

  6. Sweet bag - I love the material!

  7. Congrats on your followers! And I'm loving the fabric you used for the bag.


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