Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What's your favourite thing when you are crafting?

So this guy knocked on my patchwork room (aka spare room) door the other day while I was busy sewing away...

and he says "What are you favorite things when you are busy crafting?"  Well I just had to answer him as he was listening with so much interest for my response!

He caught me at a time when I was sewing on my binding for my latest mug rug.

So I had a look at my table - for me top of the list is a hot cup of tea!

Followed by my rotary cutter of course for when I am cutting fabric.  That reminds me get new blade!  

Then my little old scissors which are starting to go a bit blunt but they are just for snipping threads so not worried (yet), my little pin cushion and thimble, very important thimble! They are all within easy reach at all times!  

He seemed happy enough with that and went off to play with his playmobil..phew!

So how about you what are your favorite sewing accessories?

EDIT: Of course (Flying Blind and Gill) how could I OVERLOOK THE RADIO IT'S ALWAYS ON!!!


  1. The television in the other room or sunshine - whatever keeps the kids quiet and as far from me as possible!

  2. I'd have to say Radio 4 and a cup of coffee!!

  3. I just love my cutter and mat, its made such a difference since I got them at Christmas. And my iPod for company. And, like Flying Blind, the tv for the kids!

  4. I think it would be the satellite radio set to the Classic Hits Blend station.

  5. Well that's interesting we all pretty much like listening to the radio while we are working! Thanks for all your comments. Fi

  6. Coffee, COffee, COFFEE!

    The radio, or sunshine (must get one of those windy upy radios for taking outside)

    My knit pro knitting needles, the Rolls Royce of knitting needles!

    Handspun yarn :)


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