Wednesday, 11 May 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday already??! Where is the time going?

Despite the fact that last week was a birthday week, for me, 21 again and again oh and again plus VAT! I managed to get quite a few things done.

For example I am very pleased to say I rearranged and tidied up my work room, hubby very kindly hoovered my room with his new toy, I haven't touched the new vacuum cleaner since we bought it, not complaining mind you! Note to self, my pin board has to be hung up on the wall.

Achievements since last week

1. Tidied and sorted out patchwork room.

2. Made the two mobile phone covers, plus 2 more!

3. Made a couple more mug rugs for the upcoming Farmers Market.

4. Made two more drawstring pouches for the Farmers Market!

5. Made some more buttons...for the yes Farmers Market!

To Do 

1. Finish off my table runner, it requires a bit more quilting and finally binding, it is feeling very neglected!

I need attention!
2. Destash fabric.  I went through my fabric stash and put some pieces on the side this will be dealt with in a separate post.

3.  Make a baby ball for my nephew's baby in Australia.

4. Give the boys LOADS of attention when the market is over. 

I am linking up as usual to WIP Wednesday hosted by Freshly Pieced, why not head over and see what everyone else has been up to for the last week! 

X Have a good Wednesday everyone!


  1. I like your table runner and the way you are quilting it. Your buttons are nice, I have thought about getting one of those button makers just because I like the buttons so much. I don't really have anything to make a lot of buttons for but I just love the look of the buttons.

  2. I just fell in love with your table runner :-)

  3. Good for you, getting all cleaned up!! I know sometimes I just can't sew with all the chaos in my sewing room. That's definitely a big accomplishment! Your buttons look so cheerful and cute. And I adore the quilting on your runner so far! Happy WiP Wednesday! :)

  4. Crikey - looking good for a 76 year old!!!

    The table runner looks superb, looking forward to seeing it finished!

    Good luck at the Farmer's Market x

  5. love those little buttons! So cute! And yay for cleaning up. Sometimes that is the best thing for getting creativity going.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Oldster!

    (I am allowed to say that, I'm older!)

    You got so much more done than than I...

    *hangs head in shame*

  7. Wish my farmers market had a creative lady like you! Great stuff!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday...the 40's really aren't as bad as they told me the 30's would be. LOL

    Love the table runner and the buttons...congrats for getting so much done and still staying sane and young!

  9. Love the shot of your sewing room! It looks so nice and organized! I love the quilting you are doing on your table runner, it looks great!

  10. Love your fabric buttons! I made some of those this week for the first time, and they are super fun!

  11. Your buttons are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I just love your table runner. The quilting is looking awesome!


  13. Oooh I love your table runner and those fabric buttons are so cute! Happy belated birthday!

  14. Thanks ladies! Like I said I have to get moving on that table runner! Thanks for the motivational comments! It's much appreciated. Fi

  15. I like your table runner. The coral/orange looks great on that background.

  16. O how I wish for a tidy sewing room like yours! I'm so in love with your little buttons... and what is that fabric, its gorgeous! O and I think I missed your birthday, sorry hon!

  17. I love the colors of that table runner, and I am so envious of that sewing space. I have to drag my machine out of the closet each time I want to use it!


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